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Mobile Home Park or Private Property?

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The recent recession left bank with thousands of mobile home repos, in every area of the country. Some foreclosed mobile homes are located in parks on leased land but many are on private land that is combined with the sale of the home. The question often asked is which is better… A Mobile Home in a park or mobile homes on private property. Each situation has advantages and benefits.

“About half of all new manufactured home buyers decide to place their home in a rental community. Some people are looking for security and the flexibility to leave their home for long periods without worry. Others want freedom from lawn maintenance and the opportunity to make new friends while participating in planned park activities. Whatever their reasons, most buyers are very satisfied with their choice. Parks offer conveniences, recreational facilities, security and a wide range of services for people of all ages. These neighborhoods often create the same atmosphere as other well planned residential developments with gated entrances, landscaped public areas, wide city streets, curbs and side-walks….

Living in a rental community isn’t for everybody. Many manufactured home buyers prefer to place their homes on land they already own or are planning to buy. In fact, recent statistics reveal that just under half of all manufactured homes are located on private property.
Total ownership, freedom from park rules and regulations and the elimination of monthly lot rent are all convincing reasons to place your new manufactured home on private land. Although this is an attractive idea, there are practical matters to consider, such as zoning, restrictive covenants, water, utilities and sewerage.”

If your looking for a home in a park or on private property, the best buy today is a foreclosed mobile home (AKA repo)>. When banks repo a home, they’re willing to sell well below market and work with credit problems of many kinds. At this time there are thousands of repos across the country. This means huge savings on quality homes. Visit and find out about the “Mobile Home Repo Take Over Program”